Our story starts
 with a concussion

Our story began with a concussion

Jane McGonigal is a researcher and game designer. After a serious concussion, she experienced anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. Jane invented SuperBetter to help herself heal.

Since then, over 1 million people have played SuperBetter to overcome obstacles in their own lives.

Jane shares her story in this popular TED Talk.

SuperBetter, the book, is a NY Times bestseller. It’s a great complement to the app to go deeper into the science.

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We’re tackling the youth mental health crisis

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SuperBetter is a small business with big dreams
  • We aspire to unlock the heroic potential of 50 million youth & young adults.
  • Our aspiration reflects the global scale of the youth mental health crisis.
  • We seek to help fill the gap for prevention that is readily-accessible, evidence-based and globally-scalable.

Powered by the science of games

There are 3 billion video game players on the planet
  • 40% of the world adopts a gameful mindset every time they play.
  • The mindset of game play is a powerful framework for all of life.
  • We can use the same psychology to tackle our biggest challenges.
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Powered by the science of games