The Methodology

The SuperBetter Live Gamefully® methodology is an evidence-based framework that uses the strengths of game play in all of life

7 rules for playing SuperBetter

The Live Gamefully® Methodology
The Live Gamefully® Methodology
Backed by Science

Hosting Squad Challenges is easy

Select and host a Challenge in minutes
Add player emails

Add player emails

Create a squad

Create a squad

Select a Challenge (or create your own)

Select a Challenge (or create your own)

Send invitation

Send invitation

Monitor progress

Monitor progress

Squad members play SuperBetter on their mobile or web device for about 10 minutes a day. Each Challenge has 5-days of activities.

Players play on a free Player account, or upgrade to a Hero account for $24.99 per year to also play in Solo Play mode.

Anyone can Host Challenges

Squads go for weekly epic wins and boost their resilience, mental health & social-emotional learning

Squad Play is a versatile tool for anyone who teaches, coaches or supports others. Here are places it can be used:


K-12 Schools
Higher Ed
Youth Mentoring


Small Employees
Large Employees


Play with Friends
Small Groups or Clubs
Play with Family


Counselling Practices
Youth Programs
Health Coaching


Youth Sports
Adult Sports
Fitness Classes

SuperBetter is affordable

It’s our way of impacting more people

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